Square.One is a newly established company that specializes in professional hair mannequins. Our team of hairdressers and stylists, led by a master stylist, has spent years researching and experimenting with different materials and techniques to create the ultimate training tool for stylists. Our mannequins are made from the highest quality materials and mimic the look and feel of real human hair.

Our Square.One mannequins are divided into a variety of lengths and colors, allowing stylists to choose the mannequin that fits their needs. This makes it perfect for stylists of all levels to hone their craft and create beautiful, salon-worthy hair. We are dedicated to providing stylists with the best possible training tool and continue to innovate and improve our mannequins to this day.

Square.One is the ultimate tool for stylists to perfect their craft and the perfect starting point for anyone looking to take their styling skills to the next level. Order your Square.One mannequin today and elevate your hairdressing skills.